What About Irish Food?

PUbThere’s something about eating in Ireland that America lacks. I had to think about it for a while to put my finger on it but I know what it is now. They don’t eat out as much as we do. I think that makes it a bit more special to them, so when they do, it’s an event. The atmosphere in the pubs is always cozy and interesting and full of people enjoying each other even more than their food. And their food isn’t anything to dislike. It’s amazing. I wasn’t expecting that.

I think of Italy and Greece as the foodie countries. Irish DinnerBut I guarantee Ireland could rival them. Lots of fresh seafood and lamb dishes make my mouth water to remember (I’m still stuck in that fall munchie stage from two weeks ago’s blog post). I have an intolerance to milk products but there I had no problem, and I find that interesting. And the Irish Chicken Dinnerserving sizes are enough to make you cry because you can’t take the extras home since none of the B&Bs we stayed at had any mini fridges.

You can find a good pub with liveIrish SNack Irish music all over the place, too. And that’s enough to make anyone’s evening! One pub in Kinsale actually had a ghost tour also. Boy did I hate to miss it.

I love Irish cuisine. I can’t wait to go back and eat again!

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