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What About Irish Food?

PUbThere’s something about eating in Ireland that America lacks. I had to think about it for a while to put my finger on it but I know what it is now. They don’t eat out as much as we do. I think that makes it a bit more special to them, so when they do, it’s an event. The atmosphere in the pubs is always cozy and interesting and full of people enjoying each other even more than their food. And their food isn’t anything to dislike. It’s amazing. I wasn’t expecting that.

I think of Italy and Greece as the foodie countries. Irish DinnerBut I guarantee Ireland could rival them. Lots of fresh seafood and lamb dishes make my mouth water to remember (I’m still stuck in that fall munchie stage from two weeks ago’s blog post). I have an intolerance to milk products but there I had no problem, and I find that interesting. And the Irish Chicken Dinnerserving sizes are enough to make you cry because you can’t take the extras home since none of the B&Bs we stayed at had any mini fridges.

You can find a good pub with liveIrish SNack Irish music all over the place, too. And that’s enough to make anyone’s evening! One pub in Kinsale actually had a ghost tour also. Boy did I hate to miss it.

I love Irish cuisine. I can’t wait to go back and eat again!

A Castle Ruin in Restoration

Rock of Cashell

In Cashel, Ireland, the Rock of Cashel is an astounding castle. It was taken over by the church and run as a sacred place for almost a thousand years before falling into disrepair and being abandoned. But now it stands as a must see when you come to Ireland.

There’s nothing like the view as you round the highway and look up to the top of a hill to this breathtaking castle.

I got all writery when I listened to the tour guide talk about the huge chunk of wall that fell one night in a bad storm in the 1800’s.

I can imagine the wind gusting, the rain pelting the stones in rivulets of rivers. The crash of thunder after lightning snaked down to the castle and touched the wall. A chunk breaking loose with a wrench and twist loud enough to wake the locals at the village below. Yet, they slept on through the storm, too tired from the toils of Ireland to actually stir from the sound. As it tumbled down, centuries of history cried away into the waters that would disappear back into the ground only to be born up in the clouds again one day. That carnage would give way to new life in the future: new life for a castle in ruins.

Rock of Cashel-far side

Today, many work to keep its memories alive. May it be preserved for generations to come.

Fall Reminds Me of Ireland

The last few days I’ve had to pull my jeans out and put away my capris since the weather is dipping to cooler temperatures. And I revel in the change. Autumn is the best time of year! All the brilliant colors and cool breezes, the local events, the farm tour our county holds every year, the church festivals, and I could go on and on, they make me so happy.Everything Ireland

And it reminds me of Ireland. We went in the spring so we didn’t get to enjoy what fall looks like for them, but we did experience the cool air and breezy weather. And we did experience the cold nights with no heat in the rooms. Yep, that’s right, they don’t heat their homes twenty-four/seven like we do. No one told us to expect their heat off either. At first we thought maybe they forgot to turn the heat on in our room but by the third bed and breakfast, we knew something was up and asked the owner. They explained that the Irish can’t afford to heat their homes for more than a few hours a day unless it’s very cold out. I never considered the electric and heating costs other countries suffer with, Ireland especially affected by it. But the one thing that made it so fun was the thick down comforters that kept us nice and toasty despite the ‘see your breath in the air’ type mornings, and that was in the house. LOL

We learned real quick to hang our wet clothes, and they were wet every single day, on the radiator like heaters as soon as we got in to allow them to dry by morning. The couple of hours of heat was just enough to do the job.

By day four, or so, I grew used to it and was no worse for ware. It’s actually kind of nice to snuggle under thick blankets and wake up to crisp air. I get cold very easy so I never thought I’d say that but it’s true. Maybe this winter we won’t keep the heat cranked so high at least at night. I’ll get a few thicker blankets and snuggle up to Sweetie Pie.

Would you consider lowering the temp to conserve costs?