Our Fall All-Nighter with a Bunch of Teens


I look forward to any and all times I can get together with my sister and my nieces. And of course with Halloween being the next big holiday, I had to plan a party we could all do together. And it had to be an all-nighter.

An all-nighter, you say? Even for the old folk like us? Oh yes, indeed. It all starts with a list a mile long of what we want to do and what junk food we plan on consuming. I get giddy at the thought of all the candy and cakes and chips that’ll be a part of our get-together. Don’t forget the games and crafts that must be played and enjoyed. 2014-08-07 15.15.37

We usually do Nancy Drew Mystery games but this time we’re going for something a little different. Anyone viewing this party would quirk their mouths in confusion. Why? The room will be full of teens and adults lounging on every surface, but most of them will be doing their own thing with their iPads as a measly few work the computer to win the main game. But don’t worry, they’re all keeping their eye out even if they don’t look like it.2014-03-04 13.27.31

Food will abound in piles on the table. You don’t even want to know what we spend on this one night of binge eating. It’s all worth it in the end to be with the kids, enjoy each other’s company, and to sleep in until the latest possible hours of the next day.

I hope you’ll consider an all-nighter with your teens. What’s missing a little sleep for great memories? They’ll remember it the rest of their lives.

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