Welcome To My New Blog Site

Hey everyone, I took the plunge and got the help of a great friend, Lynellen Perry, to help me transfer from Blogger to WordPress. I’d love for you to come over to my blog and start following me by email if you aren’t already.

I’m going to start a picture and meme or thoughtful phrase once a week in addition to my usual blog that posts on Thursdays.

Hope you all enjoy this new venture of mine.


Check out the picture for this week.


2014-07-19 14.10.25
He had big dreams of becoming an Olympic swimmer some day.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To My New Blog Site

  1. I’m on WordPress too!!! =D been idle for a few weeks, owing to being sick for half of that time – having a hard time getting back into it….. :-O look forward to more posts from you!!

  2. Thanks. It is hard to keep the flow of posts coming sometimes.

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