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Taking a Break

Hey everyone! Last week I was attacked by two pit bulls. A bunch of stitches, massive bruising, and the possibility of rabies shots, has taken its toll on me. So I’m going to take a couple week break to recover.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Inner Wounds

Writing is in my blood. It flows through my body and keeps me going. It takes me to cities–indeed countries–I may never see. And it allows me to connect with others on a deeper level. I get to deal with inner wounds that only God can heal that mirror my readers’ struggles. Thank you Lord for the gift of helping others through my writing.

Does reading help you to heal your inner wounds? Do you connect with characters in ways you may never connect with people? Comment below.

Killer Covers

I’m already buying Thanksgiving ingredients. Are you getting ready for the big holiday too? Look what I found to go with my Thanksgiving dinner.

You all know my love of anything Irish. I had to post this fun cover art for An Irish Heart by Jackie Zack. The white background actually makes the character really stand out. I think less-is-more is very true here.An Irish Heart by [Zack, Jackie]Children’s books are always so wonderful to look at with their great colors and fun pictures. This Thanksgiving story has such a great message. God Gave Us Thankful Hearts by Lisa Tawn Bergren may be the perfect book for your youngster.God Gave Us Thankful Hearts by [Bergren, Lisa Tawn]

What do you think of these two covers?