Bungee Cord Jump Writers Take

It’s been a great week in the aftermath of the one day conference I attended last Saturday. As a writer, I love to be with other writers. They share the same passion and struggles as I do. They understand what it’s like to be up late working on a manuscript or to miss meals because you can’t get away from the computer.

Of all the professions for God to put me in, He chose a hard one. This writing thing can make you crazy. It can make you jump for joy one minute and cry the next. It’s kind of like being on a bungee cord. One minute you’re tumbling to the ground. You’re skirting death, but then it could be just one more second from springing to the heights of heaven.

Most of the time people survive these jumps, but the burden of not knowing if we will for those five seconds puts you on the edge. So too is writing. We ask ourselves will we make it, will the cord, that’s God, keep us from a free fall to doom, or will it snap and plummet us to the pit of never being published.

I believe that if we’re in God’s will and we push forward, keep making those jumps, He’ll direct us away from treacherous rocks and back into the sky of the publishing world.

Of course that means we have to strive forward. We need to keep listening to our instructors about the publishing world, learn how to tie on our harness of good grammar and remember our helmet of faith through these trying days.

Don’t forget the importance of connecting with other writers as I mentioned before. Whether you’re a Facebooker, Twitterer, Blogger make sure you’re reaching out and building relationships. Those connections can open a whole new world for you in the writing world.

So dear readers…jump.

0 thoughts on “Bungee Cord Jump Writers Take

  1. You've explained it well.

  2. I hate free fall, but I love the rush of plunging into a story. At least when I can keep the demons of discouragement away!

  3. Fabulous analogy! There's not a day that goes by in my writing world where I don't question the safety of my harness being tied correctly with the skills I've learned as a writer, or whether the risk of falling is worth the possibility of failing. What I do know is that whether it's being tied to a bungee cord and jumping (of which I have never done!) or sitting down and typing a story that I often feel ill-equipped to write both require a huge amount of faith.

  4. I love this, Erin! It's exactly how if feels! Love the comparisons you make. So much of the time you are just floating, unsure if you are headed in the right direction. God's timing is so perfect, though. I always try to remember it's God's thing, not mine!

  5. They are hard to overcome at times aren't they?

  6. You're so right. Thanks Peg.

  7. That faith can waiver so easy from day to day, can't it? Thanks for stopping by Natalie.

  8. Hey Misty! Hope you're having a great week.

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