Lancaster Writers Conference and a Book Signing too

It’s been a very busy week. Tomorrow night I’m doing a book signing with Karla at a fundraiser event at a local private school. It was great to be able to tie the assembly we had last week into this event. God works these things out for us, and I’m so thankful for it.

Then I’m headed to Lancaster for a one day writers conference. I’m so excited and thankful to Lynellen Perry for letting me stay with her the night before.  And to top it all off, she’s doing the driving to the conference.

It’s going to be a great day of learning. One thing I love about writers groups and conferences is surrounding myself with people who are working hard and going through the same things I am. Every nugget of advice from those that have already traveled the road I’m embarking on is well appreciated and wanted. The excitement that filters through people at these events is so catching. Yep, I’m a writer junky when it comes to sucking in all the information and social activity of the writing world.

Because of the conference, my little fingers have been tapping away all week on my rewritten  manuscript and the proposal that goes with it.

I have to send a big thank you to Heather Day Gilbert for all the help on a different proposal that has helped me come a long way in putting together those pesky and difficult things. Of course that was well over a year ago, but it’s still having a huge affect on the furtherance of my writing career.

If you all haven’t discovered Staples, you’ve got to check out their printing department. I’ve gotten the best bookmarks, flyers, and proposals copied there. The choices in paper quality and color make it so much easier to print whatever I need. So I’m off to the local Staples to get last minute papers printed.

Have a fruitful night, dear readers.

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