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Killer Covers

This summer has been a hot one. Perfect for staying in and reading. Look what I found.
Livin' in High Cotton: A Love Inspired Historical Novel by [Youngblood, Jennifer, Poole, Sandra]
Okay…I’m very intrigued by this cover. Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole used some nice muted tones here.

Just 18 Summers by [Cox, Michelle, Gutteridge, Rene]

Well, there’s something compelling about this title and picture. Rene Gutteridge and Michelle Cox have me interested.
Do you get a sense of depth like I do with these two covers? Tell me what draws you to them.

Wanna See Who Won?

There’s a winner here for Michelle’s giveaway! Thank you  everyone who participated. This giveaway was a huge success. Wasn’t that fun to talk with Michelle Griep?

Courageous Brides Cover 3

And the winner is……. DEBRA SMITH.

I know you’ll enjoy this collection. Please contact me on my contact page so that I can hook you up with Michelle to get your prize.

Till next time everyone…

A Giveaway Winner!

Valentine's day Gift Card

It is with great fun that I get to hold giveaways with Book Hound and others. What a grand way to meet others and get good feedback. My latest giveaway for ‘Love Is in the Air’ with Book Hounds came to a close this week and I have a winner. Kristen was so kind to enter and leave a tweet for me along with a bunch of you other wonderful people. Congrats Kristen!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my post and entering to win.

I’ll be holding more in the future and hope to see y’all around again.

What kind of gifts would you like to see in the future? Leave a comment to let me know.