Killer Covers

We’re in for some hot weather this weekend here in Virginia! How about where you live? And that’s the perfect time to find a shady spot to read.

Look at Karen Kingsbury’s non-fiction novel Final Vows. I didn’t even know she wrote non-fiction. My interest is definitely peaked on this one.

Final Vows by [Kingsbury, Karen]This cover art for Christy Barritt’s novel is SO adorable! She’s won me by the sheer cuteness.

Blooper Freak (The Worst Detective Ever Book 5) by [Barritt, Christy]Talk to me friends. Do you love or hate these? Comment below.


2 thoughts on “Killer Covers

  1. Love them both Erin! I’m also enjoying these posts.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I’m still trying to find my niche in this blog thing and I think this is it. Now if I could get the authors of these covers to visit the blogs with their covers for a quick hello it would be amazing.

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