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The biggest bang for your buck isn’t using coupons alone, it’s matching them to deals in specific types of stores.

Everyone serious about couponing needs to find stores with at least two of the following criteria:

  1. Stores that have a gas station attached and use gas points in their sales flyers
  2. Stores that allow you to use a coupon on the free item in a buy one get one free deal
  3. Stores that double or triple coupons- a must in couponing
  4. Stores with self-checkout lines

A good store has all of these things.

Once you’ve scoped out the local stores, get their coupon policy.

Read it carefully. There could be a rule where only the first of a like coupon will double in the same transaction. This will facilitate you having to do several separate transactions. Some stores limit the number of coupons you can use in a single transaction. Some won’t let you have more coupons than the number of items you’re purchasing. Some only double up to $.50, some $.99.

All these rules make our job harder, but it’s worth knowing their system so you can minimize problems at the register.

Follow policies.

I’ve seen it time and again where people think they can get around the rules. In couponing, you can’t. Do you’re best to stick to the rules and you’ll have a smoother transaction with less headache.


What stores in your area fit the above criteria? Do you have more than one store with these qualities?


0 thoughts on “Couponing Store Policies

  1. question of curiosity: how does going through the self-checkout [my preference anyway] make a difference with coupons?

    1. When you go through the self-checkout line, you can take your time putting all the pairs and sets of items for each transaction in order. And you can make sure the right coupons are lined up for those items. Sometimes cashiers miss coupons that are stuck together and if you don’t know exactly what the price of the transaction will be, you won’t notice the missed coupon.

  2. so, basically an OCD activity!! LOL

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