Just a Quick Rant About Book Reviewers

Dear book reviewers, I’m about to go on a rant that may be short or could be really long.


I’ll try to contain myself.

Last week I had to do extensive research on some books to use in the comparison portion of my book proposal. This means I had to read lots of reviews. Lots.

Let’s start with why a person would review a book. The purpose is to tell potential readers if it’s a good book or not; if it’s worth spending the money and time on it.

What kills me is the way so many book reviewers summarize the whole book in their review.  Why would you do that when a person is reading the book review to decide whether they want to buy the book or not, as stated above? Come on people. Thanks to you, now potential buyers don’t need to spend the extra cash. This means the author loses out big time on sales.

I don’t want to know what the whole book is about until I read it.

That’s the point of purchasing it.

On the other hand, you made it oh so easy to know every detail I needed for my comparison.

Okay, deep breathes here. I’m done.

0 thoughts on “Just a Quick Rant About Book Reviewers

  1. Agreed. It’s super annoying. I’m trying to decide if I want to read the book; I don’t want the ending spoiled for me!

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