The Secret Garden

Even though I’m a winter lover, there’s nothing like the spring when flowers start to climb out of the earth and bushes bloom. It’s been so exciting to see my yard come to life this year since it is my first spring at my new house. I didn’t know what to expect, and wondered if there would even be any flowers at all. I should’ve known God had something special for me. He took the desires of my heart and gave me the secret garden, hidden in the back corner of my property, I always wanted. He remembered how I longed for one to match the  book I read during those glorious days of my youth.

It’s been just like The Secret Garden, discovering what lays hidden under a thick undergrowth of ground coverage. I’m discovering a brick path. I haven’t found the end of it yet. I wonder where it leads. Then there are the Greek style planters here and there. These too have ivy draped over and around them. You can make out the shapes, but can’t quite see them. And, I uncovered a white azalea bush just this evening. It’d been covered with some type of climbing weed that almost covered the entire thing. It seemed to sigh with relief once I was finished pulling out the weeds. There are three huge trees that shade almost the entire area. Lily leaves and hostas poke up everywhere, too. Daffodils and hyacinths already bloomed in beautiful colors on the edge the garden.

This wonderful place reminds me of my walk with God. The brick trail shows me where to step, but just enough that I have to lean on Him to go in the right direction. The covered planters are the areas of my life I need to clean out and refill with His Word. And the cool shade of the trees reminds me of the shelter He provides in the heat of life.

But, the best part to me is discovering all the flowers that have been hidden by winter and are getting ready to bloom. This is the perfect symbol of God’s plan for me. I might not always know what He has in mind, but He’ll be there to surprise me with something beautiful like the color of the lilies that I can’t wait to see, or the new purple flowers that started blooming the other week.

I bet He has something wonderful and surprising for you too.

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