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Killer Covers

Halloween is past and Thanksgiving is only weeks away. I can already smell the turkey cooking. And it’s a great time to read by a fire.

Look at this chilling cover art for Last Breath. This Christian Fantasy novel by Karin Slaughter is a top-notch design. I know she doesn’t have roasting marshmallows in mind with the heart of fire, but you sure could enjoy reading this story by a campfire.Last Breath (Kindle Single) by [Slaughter, Karin]This devotional is also a nice book to read by the fire on a cold evening.  I love the poke-a-dots and coffee mug Holley Gerth has on this front cover of What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days.What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days: 52 Encouraging Truths to Hold On To by [Gerth, Holley]Maybe this week you’ll pick both a devotional for the soul and a great fantasy adventure to read. 

Do you like to read by the fire?

Killer Covers

I bet all the kids are back to school now … and that means more reading time for moms. Are you in the mood for comedy or romance, fantasy or suspense?

Unplanned by Alana Terry tells you enough to want to read it, don’t you think? I like how clearly you know it takes place in a city over a very controversial subject. Unplanned (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel Book 1) by [Terry, Alana]This second book by Julie Hall strikes a cord if you’re into Christian Fantasy. The purple hues are magnificent. This heroine has a story written all over her face. Huntress (Life After Book 1) by [Hall, Julie]Check these two out and let me know if they’re as intriguing as they look.

Comment below and tell me if you like the more bold colors of Huntress or prefer the more muted tones of Unplanned.