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5 Ways to Embarrass Yourself in a Foreign Country


  1. Stand real close and talk to a foreigner in your expansive American way. True story. It took a few days to realize why they kept backing up and eyeing us with suspicion.
  2. Ask them where the restroom is? You’ll get odd 2015-06-06 00.55.25looks for sure because each country has their own word for the bathroom. Ireland likes to use the word ‘toilet’.
  3. Did you know spring water is called ‘still’ in Ireland? That’s means it’s not seltzer water. Ask your waiter for spring water. They’ll love figuring that one out.
  4. Close the wide open door to the public bathroom in the face of the guy talking to all his girlfriends while they’re in there doing their thing. Privacy apparently isn’t that much of an issue over there. That’ll make them really love you. This happened in Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.
  5. Accidentally drop your knife and then throw it across the restaurant as you try to scoop it up. Then make sure it clatters across the table on your third attempt to set it down. Happened to me in Donegal at a fine Italian restaurant. Real nice and embarrassing, I tell you.

Want to add to my list? Have a go at it in the comment box.