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Killer Covers

It’s spring! Can you believe it? And with spring comes new books and better weather to sit outside and read.Oath of Honor (Blue Justice Book #1) by [Eason, Lynette]

Lynette Eason has great covers to draw us suspense readers in. This one is so nice with the blue and red tones. As always, I love the starkness of subject on this one for Oath of Honor: Blue Justice Book 1.

The Passionate One (A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Book 1) by [Lewis, Jeanette, Checketts, Cami, Bride Pact, Billionaire]This is a fun cover. Very sweet. The Passionate One: A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Book 1 by Jeanette Lewis has a great vibe, don’t you think? I like the red scrolls and flower petals at their feet.

Which of these books draws you this weekend? A little suspense or a fun romance? Comment  below.


Killer Covers

I’m on a new venture! I can’t wait to display fantastic cover art from the Christian market on my blog. Come see what I find each Friday, and maybe you’ll be as compelled by the covers as I am. Perhaps you’ll discover some authors you’ve never read too.
Take a look at what I found this week.

LyChasing Secrets (Elite Guardians Book #4) by [Eason, Lynette]nette Eason has suspense in the bag! Look at this intense cover.






If I Run (If I Run Series) by [Blackstock, Terri]Oh, wow. Check the very mysterious air to this one. The color choice is superbly understated yet eerie. I cut my Christian suspense teeth on Terri Blackstock books not that many years ago.


Have you read either one of these? Tell me in the comments if the cover art matches the story line.









Suspense Is the New Black

More and more people are being drawn to the world of suspense writing. I, too, write in this genre. And I enjoy a good read. Here are some suspense writers who can keep me anchored to my couch seat, turning the pages till I’m done.

Lynette Eason:

Lynette Book






Lynn Blackburn: Covert Justice

lynn Blackburn

Elisabeth Rees: Lethal Exposure

Elisabeth Rees

I enjoyed these reads immensely. Check them out.