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Breaking News: A Wicked Thing

Oh, how people’s lives burn at the stake of a ‘breaking’ news story!

We see ‘the breaking news’ everywhere, on Facebook, the television, yahoo when you open your browser. And we’re drawn to those stories no matter how much we don’t want to know, don’t want to read. And we do read or watch. It may be in disgust. It may be in delight. Yet it is always at the expense of another.

And well is the word ‘breaking’ used. Those stories destroy lives. They break asunder the human heart as we gaze on the atrocities of this life.

If only broadcasters were interested in uplifting, showing the good in people. But oh how they say that won’t sell! Yet God said, “Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” Colossians 4:6

May we consider men and women as God sees them and not through the eyes of the world. May we see a way to witness to them to bring change to their shattered lives. May we be ready with the answer God has given to heal those broken lives.


Easter: Fear It No More

Fear. Raw tangible fear. It’s not what people think of when Easter arrives. For many it’s the beginning of spring. Happy little bunnies and chicks jumping around. But what was the first Easter really like?

Easter is about Christ. He was arrested: God’s innocent Son. When He was charged, they didn’t even have a true witness, yet His own people wanted Him dead. And it wasn’t like today where inmates languish for more than a decade before they get the death sentence enacted. It was sudden, almost instantaneous. Cruel.jesus-arrested-04[1]

The people who should’ve been afraid weren’t. They denied Him. They called Him a liar.

The sick, the lepers, the blind. They must’ve fallen to the ground as Christ’s sentence was proclaimed. The ones healed by his gentle touch. Was it true what the religious people said about Christ being a fake? Would their miracle revert when He took his last breath? Would they have to return to the squalor they had been raised from?

The disciples. They ran and hid. Abandoned Him at His lowest.

Fear rang out in the land. An earthquake and hours of darkness crashed as He hung on the cross. Jesus sucked in his last breath. The veil in the holy temple was sheered in two. bust_of_Jesus_on_the_Cross[1]Three days passed.

There were tears and mourning. CHRIST’S beloved followers and disciples couldn’t believe He was gone. The healed watched for the slightest change in their status.

A new day. CHRIST rose from the dead. Fear turned to unbelief. Unbelief to joy.


No more fear. Jesus said, “Be not afraid.”  (Matthew 28:10) The healed remained renewed. The believers were given hope. All because CHRIST, God’s son, was resurrected.

Let the fear die here. Jesus Christ revived and returned. As He said he would. For You. For Me. This Easter we have so much to be thankful for. Let us live without fear.