Too Afraid To Start?

How many times have you decided you needed to start a new project…or exercise routine…or diet, but then you just didn’t? I too have had aspirations of greater, better things which never got their chance at life. Why? Fear? Being overwhelmed? Too busy?

Pull that project out. Watch the exercise video. Live with intention and go for it. If we just start God will help us do the rest.

What keeps you from starting something you really want to do? Comment below.

Rain or Snow: READ

I might be a writer but I love to read, and reading has made my writing a thousand times better. I’m one of those nuts who dreams of snuggling in my blankets and reading a good book when it rains. Even when it snows. It’s the first thing to come to mind when the weather turns. And there’s nothing like a hot cup of flavored coffee to enjoy while I devour a great story.

Okay readers, what is your favorite place to cuddle up and read a good book and what is your beverage of choice?

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