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Couponing Courtesy

One of the most important things to remember when couponing is to be courteous.

We live in a huge, crazy busy world. It’s so easy to be impatient and difficult when other people can’t keep up with our pace as we think they should. This definitely applies to couponing. When we hand a cashier coupons it’s like couponers suddenly put on the ugly face. That’s the one where we forget our normal good nature and go into ‘why don’t you know what you’re doing’ mode. And that’s an ugly place to be people.

I understand how tired you are.

Couponing takes hours upon hours. It’s exhausting. But this doesn’t give us the right to be mean to cashiers. NO matter what we think about their work ethic.

Don’t be the ‘others’. Continue reading Couponing Courtesy

A Book and Couponing All Wrapped in One

It’s been an exciting summer for me. As you probably noticed I’ve been doing posts on couponing. Not only is it a passion of mine, my next novel is about a coupon addict and a murder.

I bet you’re wondering how those two go together. I had a blast using my skills in couponing to make my book not only suspenseful, but I added a little nugget here and there about how to coupon.

The couponing world can be a bear.

You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen that people do when they first learn to coupon. From using expired coupons to clearing shelves (that’s a big no no in the coupon world), I’ve seen it all. I’ve gotten dirty looks as if I’m stealing from the sick and lame. There are some couponers I’ve passed in the store that even hunched over their coupon binders and gave me an evil eye when I passed them. There’s even been a time or two when people have walked past me and called me crazy.

But most of all, I get stopped with questions about how much money I actually save. And, lots of people want to know if I’m like those ladies on the television show.

Coupon Rage is as real as Road Rage.

I’ve experienced a bit of coupon rage myself. Now don’t worry that I’m going sabotage some mean-spirited, shelf-clearing couponer. I’ve learned to control those inner thoughts against my rival couponers, I tell you. It helps to remember that most newbies who don’t like to follow the rules of etiquette quit after four months. I’ve seen it time and time again. But, the Lord has called me to forgiveness many a time over this coupon thing. I’ve come to remember that I’m a light for his glory and must show it at all times.

Couponing’s tough. It’s time-consuming. It makes my brain hurt at times. It’s worth it.

Lesson to learn: Don’t be a shelf-clearer, respect others, keep God in the forefront of all you do and say in the coupon world.


Bare Bolts of Couponing

Let’s start at the very basic beginning of couponing.

Take your sales paper and circle every item you have a coupon on that you want to purchase, or that is a great deal.

Mark the circled item with the redeemable amount of the coupon that you have.

  • Ex. : $1.00/3

2014-09-24 01.58.38

Write down how many of each item you need.

  • If you have 4 coupons and each coupon is for 3 items then you need 12 of that product
  • Figure out if each set you want to purchase has different products that go together or if you’ll be buying ___ amount of the same item.

Do the math to check to make sure you are getting the lowest price you can.

Ex. :

  1. 3 Boxes of cereal x $2.99 each= $8.97
  2. Now subtract the coupon ($1.00) and the actual price of milk ($ 3.79) from $8.97= $4.08
  3. Divide $4.08 by 3 boxes of cereal
  4. Final price= $1.34/ box of cereal

Note: Because the sale says ‘up to $4.00’ you can only account for the actual price of the milk. That’s why I used $3.79.

Mark the total amount the item will cost after coupon is applied.

These steps will keep you from getting confused or having to recheck your coupons when you’re shopping.

What’s the best deal you’ve seen in a sales flyer this week?