Books by Erin Unger

Desolate Paths

When rehab is Brooke Hollen’s only chance at redemption, she runs straight to it. But can she survive the serial killer who hides amongst the damaged and healing? And can she trust Kyle Reston, another rehab resident, who wants to take her under his wing? Or is he responsible for the residents who keep disappearing?

Releases January 11, 2019

Practicing Murder

Graduate student Maddie Clare is never talking to her ex-boyfriend Joze Evans or God again. Broken from her past and Joze’s betrayal, she must go home for her Aunt Lonna’s funeral. But after a run-in with a stalker, who insists Maddie knows the secret that had Aunt Lonna investigating him, she’s afraid for her life and must accept Joze’s protection.

As the stalker draws closer, how will Maddie and Joze face the past and their love that never died? And will Maddie stay out of the stalker’s grip long enough to figure out what secret he possesses?

Releases March 29, 2019!

Memphis Learns the Hard WayMemphis Learns the Hard Way

By: Karla Priddy Gragg
Illustrated by: Erin Unger

Memphis is a frisky foal who just loves to have fun running and bucking all over the fields. He was having the slide of his life until he learned the hard way how important it is to obey instructions.






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