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Kissing the Duke of Hearts: Sweet and Clean Regency Romance (His Majesty's Hounds Book 10) by [Richmond, Arietta]Arietta Richmond has great vibes on this cover. Kissing the Duke of Hearts looks like an intense winter read. This heroine has loads of umph to her character according to this picture. I don’t even feel the need to post a second book because this cover has rocked it.

I love to read winter stories in the winter and summer in the summer.

Are you a seasonal reader? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Killer Covers

  1. This is a great cover. Definitely makes me want to read the book! As for being a seasonal reader, love, love, love to read Christmas stories in the winter but I’ll read other stories all year round. I keep saying I’ll do a “Christmas in July” one of these years because I often don’t always get to all the Christmas books I want to during the holidays.

    1. Me too! Maybe this year is our year. Christmas stories are extra special to me.

  2. Ohja, das kenne ich zu gut! Im Winter hat es der innere Schweinehund bei mir besonders leicht. Diesen Winter wollte ich mit dem Laufen beginnen hat mal wieder nicht geklappt. Vielen Dank also für die Zusammenstellung der Tipps! Beste Grüße Diana

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my book – and for the great comments above! The heroine in this one is a very determined girl, and meets her challenges head on – but, after a collection of troubles, she gets her happily ever after (as every good heroine should!)

    You can see more about me, and my books, at

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Arietta! Hope you’re having a productive year so far. Can’t wait to see other cover art from your books.

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