Rain or Snow: READ

I might be a writer but I love to read, and reading has made my writing a thousand times better. I’m one of those nuts who dreams of snuggling in my blankets and reading a good book when it rains. Even when it snows. It’s the first thing to come to mind when the weather turns. And there’s nothing like a hot cup of flavored coffee to enjoy while I devour a great story.

Okay readers, what is your favorite place to cuddle up and read a good book and what is your beverage of choice?

2 thoughts on “Rain or Snow: READ”

  1. I definitely agree about rainy and snowy days but I think my favorite time/place to read is on my back porch in the fall or spring with either a cup of Earl Grey tea if its nippy or unsweetened iced tea if its on the warmer side of the day!

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