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The cold breezes blowing keep me in mind of the happy season afoot.

AThe Shoemaker by [Prysock, Lisa]nd the great thing about this time of year is reading books about the season. I’d love to have one of those hand muffs myself from this cover art for The Shoemaker. Lisa M. Prysock firmly sets the mood with the backdrop village scene and the sweet face of the main character in this Regency story.



Just Maybe (Home In You Book 3) by [Walton, Crystal]How about this? I love the way these characters have great chemistry in Crystal Walton’s novel Just Maybe. I love a good romantic comedy.






Check one of these out while the turkey’s baking. Do you prefer to read historical or contemporary while you wait?

4 thoughts on “Killer Covers

  1. Thanks so much for including Just Maybe. 🙂 I think it’s probably my favorite cover so far. Love how it captures the characters’ romance so well. *swoon* Such a fun one! I’m a contemporary fan, through and through.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Crystal! Oh I, too, love the intimate feel if your cover. Very swoon worthy.

  3. I prefer to read historical. Thank you for sharing this book covers with us. They are beautiful.

    1. It’s fun to find great book covers! Thanks for stopping by.

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