Early Reviewers Needed!

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I’m looking for folks who have an interest in being an early reviewer for my romantic suspense novel “Fateful Fall”, which releases August 2, 2016. Please, please help me out!

Can you commit to read the novel in ebook form and write an honest review on Goodreads.com as soon as possible and then copy that review over to Amazon.com on book launch day (August 2) or as soon as possible after launch day. Note that you need to have an account on Amazon to leave a review there. You also need an account to review on Goodreads.com, but Amazon is the most important of the two.
If you are interested, please email Lyn at info@chalfonthouse.com to request an ecopy.

4 thoughts on “Early Reviewers Needed!

  1. I’m in! I’d love to do an advanced read.

    1. Great! Did you get the ARC from Lyn?

  2. Oh, oh, oh … Pick me! Pick me! I would love to get my hands on it!

    1. Thanks, Kate! Just send an email to Lyn at the above email address in the post.

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