Writer Mode: Fast and Furious

KeyboardWell, it’s easy to go off the grid when I’m in WRITER MODE. I seem to miss work on my blog now and then because I get so wrapped up in the next story I’m working on. In the beginning of this month, I started writing my second book this year, and it’s going fast.

It’s funny how as a writer you can fly through some scenes and chapters, and others you stare at the screen for what seems like hours just to get going again. Well, I’ve had a mixture of this as usual this time around. Even with a very detailed outline, I haven’t overcome the semi-writer’s block at times. But thank the Lord I have more and more speed writing modes.

So, you want to know what I’m working on? It’s a romantic suspense set in Connecticut, one of my most favorite places to be. A stalker, a hero that’s not the right hero, and a heroine who’s too tough to accept help when she needs it most makes for a dangerous situation.

I’m almost at the halfway point! I LOVE typing that. Here’s to the next three weeks of mad writing. May it ever be in my favor.

Till next week…

4 thoughts on “Writer Mode: Fast and Furious

  1. I have those prolific days too, and then i have those that i’m begging my characters to talk to me. seems the difficult scenes for my characters are also the difficult ones to write – as if *they* are having a hard time telling me about them!!

    1. Interesting thought, Robin. Our characters can seem so real, can’t they?

  2. Sometimes I enjoy planning the scenes more than writing them. It is hard to balance blogs and writing!

  3. You’re not kidding! I’m always surprised how much time my blog takes.

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