Johnnie Fox’s: The Best Pub In Ireland

Our first night in Ireland, we asked our B&B owner where we could get a good bite to eat. She said over the hill (mind you, that was an understatement) at Johnny Foxes’ Pub. She thought it may be a bit far and then named off a couple other eateries. We chose to go over the hill…to Johnnie Fox’s. 2015-04-27 16.04.30

As I’ve mentioned before, our AlwaysLost GPS and the fall of dark on teeny tiny Irish roads had me gripping my seat in terror. The bends and curves, rock walls on both sides with no road shoulder to speak of was enough to make us go mad and decide to turn back and starve for the night. But we persisted.

To my amazement, we found Johnnie Fox’s. We were ushered in to lively music and the best atmosphere. Our waitress was the sweetest we had through our whole trip! She took such great care of us. I wish I knew her name now so I could give her public praise.

We ate lamb shank on top of mashed potatoes with a gravy sauce to 2015-04-27 17.25.39sing about. Our eclectic table was like eating at a banquet of a king. I got the high back chair so like a throne. When I looked up there were these pots dangling from the ceiling. Huh? Chamber pots!

After our meal, our waitress snuck us into a different room where we got to watch an Irish dance show. We sat right at the corner of the stage for an up close view.2015-04-27 17.03.13 My husband was pulled on the stage for a dance and won a dance plaque: the highlight of the night for sure.

We left after watching the locals get up and dance together in that unique Irish way.

What a night to remember. And it was only the beginning.

Have you seen a real Irishman dance? Tell me about it in the comment box below.

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