Hotel or Bed & Breakfast: The Better Choice

2015-04-27 09.00.54
Bride’s Glen Farmhouse, Shankill, Ireland

I’ve stayed in many a hotel and bed and breakfast in recent years.  As you all know, we recently returned from Ireland. Our package deal for our trip allowed us to pick from an array of lodgings. We wanted to immerse in the Irish culture. It was the optimal goal to live in their homes and talk to the native Irish folk every morning before we headed off to the next adventure. So we skipped the hotels and booked as we went at bed and breakfasts across Ireland.

2015-05-04 15.10.41
Cois Caolaire, Spiddal, Ireland

Folks, this is the way to go in Ireland. That is if your goal is to learn about the people. Sure you may get better amenities at some hotels, but you won’t get the people.

We had all kinds of B&B owners. Some were quiet, others ready to talk when we walked in the door. Some were full of knowledge on the area they lived in, others not so much. But all in all they were caring and kind people who had it in their hearts to help us no matter what.

Their homes were full of family heirlooms and pictures of Irish culture. Pamphlets and maps were waiting by their doors. They had a real love for their land.

2015-05-03 10.05.52
Atlantic Sunset House, Doolin, Ireland

Let’s not forget about the Irish breakfast. They all filled our table and plates to overload. Lots of brown bread and toast with jam beside a lovely pot of tea started the meal. They always had a bar with yogurt, cereal, fruit and other miscellaneous items. Then they brought out steaming plates of fried eggs, half a tomato, sausage links, bacon which is like our ham, white pudding and black pudding. I was always overstuffed.

And most of them were kind enough to help us set up the next B&B reservation.

If you’re traveling overseas, consider a more personal experience. Choose the B&B’s.

Which do you prefer: B&B or Hotel? Let me know.

2 thoughts on “Hotel or Bed & Breakfast: The Better Choice

  1. My husband and I prefer B&B’s when we travel for a taste of the local flavor. I think they are pretty romantic too.

    1. They are romantic!

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