Wanna See My Whimsical Artwork?

My creative juices got a kick start in the fall when a friend of mine commissioned a painting from me. With trepidation, I searched and questioned and worked out the general feel of the piece to be painted. It was going to take me out of my comfort zone of style for sure. I questioned my sanity more than once when I took the on project. Not because I didn’t want to do the work, but because it was going to be a work of art different from anything I’d ever done.

It was a large set of three canvases. When they came in the mail, I pulled them free of their wrappings and set them out. Boy were they bigger than I’d pictured in my mind. Then the acrylic paints arrived along with some brushes.

It took me a couple weeks to dare touch paint to canvas. What if I messed it up, picked the wrong colors and theme for my friend? What if I couldn’t blend the colors just right? But as so many paintings have flowed from my brushes this one too took on its own life. And my excitement grew with each stroke.

I painted, tweaked, added detail, studied so many images for the right things to come together.

It was so worth it to paint these pictures into life. The hope and love and story that went into it will hopefully be enjoyed for many years.

2015-01-04 02.11.25

0 thoughts on “Wanna See My Whimsical Artwork?

  1. It’s beautiful, Erin. Is it wrong for me to be jealous of such talent . . . probably, I have always wished I could paint the things in my head. now I content myself with painting with words.

    1. Well, your painting with words is amazing. It’s so good to hear from you, Kate.

  2. it’s amazing!!! I should take your cue, and get to it also!! [i.e. make time] I love the whimsy feel it evokes, that it draws me, begging for a swing on that overhanging branch…..

    1. I’m so glad my friend wanted this kind of painting. It took me out of my comfort zone to a new place that I love.

    1. Thanks Kelly. Painting is like therapy for me.

  3. I feel the same way about writing Erin 🙂

  4. That is stunning, Erin! I love painted panels. Beautiful work!

    1. I wish I had a better camera to get I nicer picture. It’s kind of dark in all the shots I took.

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