Cooking for the Busy Folks

The other day I was thinking about the next recipe I wanted to post. My mental recipe book was open as I flipped through the pages and considered this and that when it hit me like a fast ball in the thigh. Everything I post to y’all usually comes from one box or another of prepared food. Gasp. A moment of silence please. What was the cyber world going to think of a mother who cooked like that? Would I be ousted by the healthy holistic cooks of today’s society? Was I the worst cook in the world for 2014-11-04 14.25.33daring to not only cook like that but share it with the rest of you out there? What was I thinking to even set up an easy recipe section?

2014-09-20 16.08.38These were all good questions. So my thoughts turned into words. I asked my dear friend how horrible she thought I was for such an act against society. I knew I could count on her for a good solid truthful answer. She paused. I held my breath. And then she said, (Don’t quote me, here) “We live in a busy world where lots of parents cook as you do. They don’t have the time to devote to all-natural, spend an hour chopping vegetables type of cooking.”

She’s someone I trust and believe gives great answers.

Great. Now I could breathe again. I hadn’t ruined my blog or life with boxed food.

So I say to you out there, it’s okay to rely on Betty Crocker or Hamburger Helper during the week. Just be sure to include healthy vegetables and fruits and all will be well in the world.

2 thoughts on “Cooking for the Busy Folks

  1. what “dear friend” said. no, really, that’s pretty much what I was going to say. I like to cook both ways, and it’s always nice to have options when we go the short-cut route!

  2. Well, I’m working on cooking healthier this year.

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