Coupon Supplies

All couponers need things to help them organize their coupons.

As a couponer I had to learn the hard way how to do it. I want to make your life easier and give you the items you’ll need to get started.

What you must have:

  1. 3″ Binder that closes with a zipper
  2. Baseball Card holders
  3. File Folder Tabs- to organize coupons by subject
  4. Paper Trimmer
  5. Sharp Scissors
  6. Calculator

What’s optional but makes life easier:

  1. Fingertip Moistener
  2. Stapler
  3. Plastic File Bin
  4. Hanging File Folders
  5. Two translucent pocket folders

Most of these things can be bought at office supply stores. In my next post on couponing, I’ll talk about the use of each item.

Get to town and purchase these items. Let me know how it goes.



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