Couponing Made Easy

Saving money is important to all of us. But is couponing for you?

2 Easy questions to ask yourself if you’re going to try are:

  1. Do I have a need?
  2. Can I make the time to do it?

Your need is as simple as will you use the products before they expire.

On average you’ll be storing 7-10 of every item you purchase. A small household may not have a need for that much food.

The upside, you won’t be buying things like noodles and ketchup again for as much a year.

Your time is valuable so this is the biggest consideration in couponing.

When I first started learning I was investing on average 20 hours a week. Now, I’ve got it down to about 6 hours every 2 weeks. It took about 6 months to hone in on my groove, but it has been well worth the time.

Can you invest the initial time to change the way you shop and live? If you want to save on average 65% every time you shop, give couponing a chance.

Let me put a disclaimer in here:

I think those who save 90%+ are amazing. For me that’s not realistic on a regular basis. Sometimes, but rare.

Follow me to see how it’s done in the real world.

I’m going to be doing a mini series on Couponing.




Couponing isn’t for the light of heart. It takes some major work and a bit of cash to get started. Buying the supplies like a binder and baseball card holders is only the beginning.


0 thoughts on “Couponing Made Easy

  1. Baseball card holders? Whatever happened to expandable files? Are those passe, now? It’s getting near time for me to stock up on monthly supplies again, so I’m all ears.

  2. Expandable files can’t hold enough coupons, and there aren’t enough sections for all the different coupons you’ll get. With the baseball card holders, you can see every coupon at a glance.

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