Winner to be Announced

WinaKindle1It’s been a very successful Kindle fire giveaway. I want to thank everyone who participated. There were over a hundred new likes to my Author page with Facebook, and that’s a huge boost for me. I’m so thankful for everyone who’s helped me develop my platform so far. I can’t wait to hear who the winner is in the next few days.

As writers we are constantly hearing how important it is to keep building our platform. That of course involves lots of social media. Lots of social media means a load of time not devoted to our writing. But, we must do it to make it in this world. I’m plunging in to learn more, develop my blog, and build those ever important relationships with my readers and friends in the publishing world.

I hope to have a lot more giveaways through this year to promote Memphis Learns the Hard Way, too.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next.

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