My Aunt, My Inspiration

The Story of Highland Mary Book 1

My Aunt Debbie was always a wonderful aunt whom I looked up to, who went out of her way to do lots of little things for me when I was growing up and still today. But the best thing she ever did was be an inspiration.

She started a book forty-some years ago and worked on it a little at a time. We always wondered about this story. She was always a writer to us, one of those prestigious people you look up to. She was one of the reasons I even considered writing in the beginning.

She kept her story buried in a hiding spot that we were on a constant search for when I visited and she wasn’t home.

The Story of Highland Mary Book 2

Once, my cousin found it. We waited for just the right moment, and pulled it out to get a peek at the woven tale that enthralled the woman we loved. We read a snippet here, a page there. But, she got home before we could get too far.

My cousin raced to put it back in its secret spot, and with moments to spare, we sat and pretended to be doing nothing
in particular. She never caught on. And, we wouldn’t read another page for twenty some years.

The Story of Highland Mary Book 3

It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that my aunt handed it to me to read for the first time. I couldn’t believe I’d finally get a chance to see it. With excitement, I opened the binder it was in and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a true epic tale, one that I still think about and mull over long after reading the last sentence.

That story was released May 31; a trilogy about a brave Scots woman who led an amazing life. I call it an epic tale, a best-seller if only it can get into the right hands.

Check out this amazing story. Once you get into it, you won’t be able to put it down.



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  1. This is a magical memory about your aunt, and I have no doubt the story is as enthralling as you say! I will look forward to reading it in the near future!

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