Every Writer Needs a Muse

“Muse me.” That’s what I always say to my husband when I need him to help with fresh ideas for my manuscripts. He’s the greatest idea giver I know. And, my writing wouldn’t be the same without him. That’s why I call him my muse.

Do you have a muse? That one person who feeds your imagination and helps you see things in a way you’d never considered before?

Lots of famous writers and artists have depended on them for centuries. From Shakespeare to Monet, they thrived on the imaginations and figures of their muses. Though they often keep them a secret from the general public, they need them and use them to the greatest depths of their capabilities.

Muses are capable of:

    • Crazy advice on plot that might just work           
  • Sometimes bringing you back to earth when your ideas are a little over the top (or a lot over the top)


  • Showing you facts that could add another dimension to your story


  • Fleshing out a character’s motives


  • Listening to you rave without comment


And so many more great things a writer needs to keep them sane and busily typing at their computer.

So how do you get one? It’s not easy. These are people you have to trust. And surprisingly, they aren’t usually writers or artist themselves. The best ones can not only give advice, but listen as well. They are someone vested in your future. They should be someone who knows you pretty well; who understands when you can’t take their advice. And, they should tend to be available at odd hours. Our inspirations and lack there of come at odd times, right?

Find your muse. Trust them. Build a deeper relationship with them. It’s a relationship worth nourishing.

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  1. Hm, an interesting thought to muse on . . . If I had to pick one, I would say my oldest son, he is full of ideas and is just getting into writing himself. My husband helps a lot too, especially when I am having trouble with my leading man, who happens to be just like him.

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