The Writing Jive Ran Away

Have you ever had to drag yourself to your computer when it was time to work on your latest manuscript or critique group work? Didn’t washing the toilet interest you more this morning than turning your computer on? Making a phone call you’ve been dreading suddenly seems like the right thing to do when you’re supposed to be parking yourself in your seat to write.

This is me, right now. Yep, right at this moment…and for the last several months. I whine. I cry. I beg God to help me get to work. Of course it’s all in deep POV, you know. Just happening on the inside.

On the outside, I’m so busy. I’m running everywhere. I’m overloaded with chores and the activities my kids are involved in. On the inside, I know I’m making excuses, filling the time to avoid getting to work.

How I hate this phase. It’s miserable. It sucks the creativity right out of me. I want to get back to writing, I just haven’t made myself do it. Each night I set up a plan of action. Then in the morning, I blow it away with a different agenda.

I’m headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in May. If you’ve ever been to one, you know what it takes to be prepared for such an adventure. The trip is paid and my husband took the time off to drive me and to stay down there. Yet, I’m months behind schedule on writing proposals and fine tuning the two manuscripts I want to take. It’s getting scary to me to think how much is left to do.

If only I could get back on track. Pray for me. The going has been tough. For now I’ll try to cling to the verse, 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:”

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  1. Oh, you lucky duck! I wish I could go to the Blue Ridge Conference! 🙁 I do understand about motivation for writing flying the coop though. Especially when you have so much other stuff going on.

  2. It would be amazing if you could go. We could finally meet in person and pal around together.

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