It’s been one of those glorious weeks where I’ve had some time to relax. It’s amazing how much you miss it when you’ve been going non-stop for two months as I have. Thanks to the snow and kid’s being out of school, it was even better than a normal rest, too.

And it’s really something when I don’t care if someone sees me in my comfy, don’t leave the house clothes, but since it was one of those weeks, I didn’t bother to get embarrassed when Karla dropped something off for our newly released book, Memphis Learns the Hard Way. She definitely eyed the baggy pants and huge gray sweater I love to wear, yet she didn’t say a word. You see, it is rare that anyone sees me in those kind of clothes. Image is important to me. But comfort this week won out.

I spent two days of playing Nancy Drew, a computer mystery game, with my family, including my sister and her kids. That’s also a rarity that she can take the same time as I do to relax. With my husband at the helm of the computer, we beat one game and started another. All the snacks and popcorn circulating were enough to ruin the calorie count for me. I guess I’ll have to double-time it at the gym next week, but it was worth it.

My father-in-law even provided the main course of two dinners. What a blessing!

These times make me so thankful to my God. He provided all the things I love so I could take a break. He’s the best, isn’t He?

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