Snow: So Like Humans

The snow has come to lay upon the ground in the most glorious of fashions. One minute rain poured from the sky, the next, huge flakes almost the size of a cracker began to land on the ground just a couple hours ago. I stood in amazement. They had to be the biggest I’d ever seen.

To some who abhor even the thought of snow I can imagine the horror at the forecast for today, but for those snow lovers like myself, it was a most wonderful addition to my afternoon.

There’s nothing like looking out onto the whitest of white yards. I can’t help but think of God when I do. The beauty of it is like the clean slate he gives us to shape and mold our talents.

Snow can be such a malleable substance, or it can turn to hard ice. Isn’t it amazing how it is so like humans? When we’re as snow, God can make igloos and snowmen, trails and sledding tracks, snowballs and beautiful white garlands on trees with us. But when we’re like ice, there’s little to be done. It takes the salt to melt or the sharp blade to cut to turn ice into anything.

I want to be as snow: washed white and ready to be used. I want to be a clean slate for God to work with. Just imagine what He can do with us writers. Think how we can be shaped to change the world with our words. Our words can be delicate as a cold flake in our palm or as powerful as an igloo wall. And we can do it all for His glory.

I hope that today, if you have the fortune of looking upon a glistening wintry scene, you’ll allow it to be a representation of who God wants you to be.

0 thoughts on “Snow: So Like Humans

  1. I enjoy looking at the snow from the safety of indoors, but I never thought of it quite this way. Thanks for opening my eyes to the deeper view.

  2. Great insight on snow. I would have enjoyed the snow more yesterday if we were not driving in it. But I do agree I love the white yards and freshness the snow brings.

  3. I love the snow! You can keep the wind, below zero wind chills, and ice, though. I've learned never to say 'never' so I won't say I'll never live in it again. LOL As far as driving in it, one word for that… yuck, but you do what you gotta do and you do it slooowwwllyyyy! 😉

  4. Glad to oblige. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Yes, around here(Virginia) the roads don't get the treatment they deserve so it can make life hard when you have to go out.

  6. The ice did a number on one of our trees a few weeks back.

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