‘Moving’ Can Be Used As a Cuss Word

As some of you know, I’ve been in the process of moving for months now. One thing after another has deterred, held up, and lengthened the time to closing. It’s so easy to get frustrated and upset when things keep going wrong, but I’ve learned a very important lesson from this episode in my life. Keep looking to God. Stop trying to make it work in my time and my way. Return to the peace and inner joy God has for me even through uncertain times.


This concept also applies to our writing. When we get to the end of a manuscript, we want to write it off as finished. Yes, it has to pass through some editing phases, but we writers try to minimize that part of the work. Sometimes our writing needs to be moved around. Whether it’s a chapter or a scene, it’s hard to face that our work isn’t always complete.

There have been times I crossed my arms and shook my head at the computer. Move things around?! Now that’s a cuss word in the making after what I’ve been through. Like moving, changing our manuscript can be a long ordeal. It’s painful to cut and remold some of the work we’ve done. Yet, once we sit down and sort through the boxes, we can see where things need to go in the new format. We can rebuild in a better way.


Be encouraged. I bet most of us would say that it was worth the pain and grueling work when it’s over. So press on and cut and move and remold your WIP. You’ll be glad you did.

0 thoughts on “‘Moving’ Can Be Used As a Cuss Word

  1. The editing and sorting are the hardest parts. They are also the most important if you want to make your diamond in the rough a beautiful work of art. You have to find out how to remove the dull excess and leave only the parts that shine.

  2. And sometimes the parts that shine to us don't to everyone else. It can be hard to differentiate.

  3. I've been thinking about 'moving' my story around again and you're right. It's torture! Still, the story's there, and it's the same. The Lord put the words on the page, I just have to figure out how to arrange them.

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